A lovingly crafted accessories shop by two sisters.

The Team Behind Soluna Soluna

Our Story

Our mom use to say that as sisters we needed to complement each other, just like how the words concave/凹 and convex/凸 fit together.

We grew up sharing everything including birthday parties and identical dresses that our mom made and dressed us in. Inadvertently, we developed a similar sensibility and taste in food, traveling, and things we can't live without. We like simple things that reflect our own personalities and upbringing. Soluna Soluna showcases what we have been looking for all this time, but couldn't find, so we resorted to creating our own "things".

The first of many things is a collection of earrings, cufflink and some notecards. We hope you will love these as much as we did in making them. Please visit us often as we continue to add to this collection.

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Who's Who

One sister is the designer and the other sister is the chief believer and organizer behind Soluna Soluna. The name was derived from the Spanish translation of a Chinese character in both of their names.