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Soluna Soluna Necklace T-Shirt
Soluna Soluna Necklace T-Shirt
Soluna Soluna Straight Bubbles Pendant
Soluna Soluna Curly Brackets Earrings
Soluna Soluna I (212) NYC Pendant
Soluna Soluna Scribble Pendant
Soluna Soluna 520, 1314 Hanging Earrings

Shapes and Type Collection

Custom Area Code Jewelry

Email us about our custom Area Code jewelry

NYC is only the beginning and speaks to our own roots. We are continuing to expand our line of Area Code jewelry and can create a custom piece with an area code that speaks to where you're from. So drop us a note in our contact form here.

Featured in the MoMA

MoMA presents Destination: NYC

We were honored for our earrings to be featured in the Museum of Modern Art's Destination: NYC collection.